Enjoy your changing pregnancy body and the added cleavage that comes with it.
Credit: Alexandra Grablewski

Your boobs may not be all fun and games when you've got a baby on board--they can be heavy and tender from time to time. But they do come with a major upside: Cleavage! And all that eye-candy can draw attention away from the places you don't love as much right now, say, swollen ankles and a wider bum. Try these simple ways to show off those curvaceous pregnancy breasts while you've got them.

Slip on an uplifting bra Look for one with supportive details, like wide-shoulder straps, underwire, and structured seams across the front, to keep your bosom at a sexy eye level. "The right bra will help lift and support your breasts to keep them looking perky," says Dawn Del Russo, a fashion expert in New York City. Hello, pin-up girl!

Wear deep v-necks "These styles are more flattering that scoop necks, because they draw the eye up and down, rather than across the width of your chest," says Jacquie Stafford, fashion stylist and author of The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget.

Avoid bandeau styles Tops and dresses that create a horizontal line across your chest make you look wide--and not in a good way. Plus, tight bandeaus tend to mash down and hide cleavage. Instead, go for designs with triangular-shaped necklines and skinny shoulder straps to play up the fullness of your pregnancy breasts.

Find curve-hugging fabrics Attempting to cover up your pregnancy breasts can be futile--and you could end up feeling frumpy if you try. Take a cue from celebrities who highlight their bosoms in tight-fitting tops. A-list mom Jessica Alba has reportedly said, "The more figure-forming your clothes, even though you have more curves, the better."

Bejewel your bosom When it comes to necklaces, go for chunky chokers that sit just below your clavicle bone or ultra-long Y-shaped chains with pendants that fall to your mid-torso. "You don't want anything that sits on your pregnancy boobs like a shelf," says Stafford.

Don't be afraid of bikinis You might worry about being all belly out there by the pool. But easily filling out the top will make it worth it.

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