Find out how changes in your genitals may make sex in the third trimester a different experience. 

By Dr. Laura Riley
June 11, 2015
happy pregnant couple
Credit: Image Source/ Veer

Your partner may be startled to discover that things don't just feel different on you at this point; things look different too.

Your genitals are much larger than they were before pregnancy. This is due to hormones and increased blood flow, both of which cause veins to enlarge and your swollen labia to darken in color. As a result of your new, generous proportions, you may find that penetration during intercourse is more pleasurable thanks to your swollen tissues and increased vaginal secretions. Or you may find it's less pleasurable for you because engorgement makes a tighter fit for your partner. All of these things are perfectly normal. Your genitals will return to their original proportions and color after childbirth.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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