10 Cool Ways to Track Your Baby Bump

Check out these cute maternity photo ideas to document your growing pregnancy belly.

Photo: Heather Duncan/The Duncan Adventures
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Hip Mama's Letter

Track your pregnancy with photos
Ryan Marshall Photography

Strike a hip pose against a stark background and overlay a letter to your baby-to-be like in this series photographer Ryan Marshall made with his pregnant wife. What a cool way to journal your thoughts throughout your pregnancy!

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Chalkboard Sign

Amber Massey/The Massey Spot

Pose for a weekly portrait next to a cute chalkboard stating how far along you are. Mommy blogger Amber Massey of The Massey Spot used this chalkboard banner from Etsy's Little Dovie to update the details each week and outline her growing bump.

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Baby-to-be-Sized Props

Kate Alvarez/The African Llama

Show not only your belly's expansion but also the size of your baby-to-be at the various stages of your pregnancy but holding a prop representing the little life growing inside you. When Kate Alvarez of Little Llama Shop chronicled her pregnancy on her blog, she snapped different angles of her belly as well as an appropriately sized piece of fruit or vegetable in her palm. Did you know a fetus is the size of a lime at week 11?!

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Measurement Markers

Kristan Roland/Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Be brave enough to proudly mark off your belly's exact measurements by posing with a tape measure like blogger Kristan Roland of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. Have your big kid or husband wrap it around your bump and get in the photo with you. You could even buy a special tape measure and jot down the weeks and other notes directly on it as a keepsake.

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Belly Stickers

Robyn Mullican/The Robyn’s Nest

Bling out your belly with a weekly countdown sticker to record your status directly on the main attraction like blogger Robyn Mullican of The Robyn's Nest. Pose in profile for maximum effect. Check out Etsy for stickers like Mullican's or make your own with our FREE downloadable belly stickers.

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The Incredibly Expanding Outfit

Danielle Stephens/The Stephens Family

What better way to show how your body is stretching around the little one growing inside you than to show it stretching out the same piece of clothing week after week? Blogger Danielle Stephens of The Stephens Family wore the same blue sweater dress in her maternity photos, and by the end, it's transformed into a long sweater, perfect with leggings.

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Calendar Countdown T-Shirt

Miranda Anderson/One Little Minute

In each week's photo, wear a chic maternity countdown T-shirt like this one that Miranda Anderson of One Little Minute created while pregnant with her second child. You can literally cross off the weeks with a red fabric pen. She sells her tunic, complete with pen, or you can DIY your own.

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9-Finger Countdown

Jess McClenahan/The Macs

Keep it simple by counting each month on your fingers like blogger Jess McClenahan of The Macs for a super easy photo series anyone can pull off. Wear a black T-shirt and jeans and stand in front of the blank wall to make the black-and-white collection look professional.

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Sweet Silhouettes

Vana Chupp/Le Papier Studio

Go classic with a series of pregnancy silhouettes like this one created by—and featuring—Vana Chupp, owner and designer of Le Papier Studio. Every month, Chupp took a black-and-white picture of herself in profile in front of a mirror and then traced the silhouette from it. At the end of her pregnancy, she framed them all into a collage for her baby's nursery wall.

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Disappearing Toes

Heather Duncan/The Duncan Adventures

Show everyone the bump perspective you see most often—looking down over it at your feet (or what you can still see of them!)—like Heather Duncan at The Duncan Adventures. At 26 weeks, you'll probably be able to see a fair amount of foot, but by 40 weeks, a pedicure will be for other's viewing pleasure only.

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