From bigger boobs to better sex, being pregnant is really pretty awesome. Here's why you should celebrate your pregnant body, mama!
pregnant woman
Credit: Sarah Kehoe

I'm not the world's biggest fan of pregnancy.

Actually, let me rephrase that: I'm not the world's biggest fan of pregnancy in myself. Even as I'm pregnant with baby number four, I have a difficult time adjusting to the burgeoning bundle of joy that is my body.

But I do believe that the time has come for me to "mom up" and embrace the beauty of my pregnant body. It's up to me to accept it. And learn to love it.

And to help in that journey to find my passion for my pregnancy, may I present 10 reasons to really love your pregnant body.

1. You've got an excuse to live in yoga pants. In pregnancy, you don't have to feel ashamed about dressing for comfort -- embrace the waistless jeans, stretchy panels, and yoga pants.

2. Your "girls" are growing. The other day I was doing my exercise DVD in the living room and I couldn't quite figure out why my husband was sticking around...until I remembered: Oh, yeah, I had two very prominent benefits of pregnancy on display. Enjoy those ladies while they last, my friends.

3. Two words: pregnancy sex. While we're on the topic of pregnancy perks, can I just take this opportunity to remind you that there's a lot of extra blood flow during pregnancy? And that that extra blood flow can cause certain things to be a little bit more, shall we say, intense? I hate to go all Jessica Simpson on you here, but pregnancy sex can be the best.

4. No periods. With four pregnancies and a combined 36 months of exclusive breastfeeding in the past six years, I've been period-free for a long time. And although the inevitable postpartum time means we don't get off completely scot-free, I have to say it's nice to have a break.

5. What birth control? Granted, you're already getting the baby, but nine months of not worrying about birth control or wondering if you're actually late or just stressed can be a welcome change.

6. You can rock a maxi dress. In my nonpregnant life, I can't wear maxi dresses -- they're just not flattering. But when I'm pregnant, I buy tons of cute, patterned maxi dresses. They're so comfy and for once, I actually look good in one.

7. You're not alone. Call me crazy, but there's something that feels so magical about being pregnant. Now and then, when I'm alone, I remember, I'm never really alone. One of the best parts of pregnancy is definitely my little sidekick, even when he or she is doing all the kicking.

8. You've got a good excuse for a pedicure. Pedicures aren't practical for my household budget; I'm much more of a DIY kind of girl. But I'd be lying to you if I told you I wasn't heading out to get a pedicure as soon as the weather gets warm. When I can't reach my toes anymore, it's the perfect excuse to pay for someone else to pamper them.

9. You can let loose. Answer me this: How many times in your life have you been standing somewhere out in public and you suddenly realized that you weren't sucking in your stomach, so you quickly took action to remedy that? Pregnancy means that whole sucking-your-stomach-in action never needs to happen.

10. Your belly doubles as a built-in shelf. I'm going to end on a light yet very real, note. That pregnant belly can actually come in handy. For example, there was a time at work when I dropped a medication syringe (needleless, I should add) and groaned, knowing I had wasted it. But lo and behold -- it had landed, unharmed, on top of my 39-weeks pregnant belly. Your belly can help you manage cups of tea and plates of cookies with ease.