Embrace your changing body, Mama-to-be, with this list of reasons to love your new bosom.
pregnant body
Credit: Blend Images/ Getty

Your breasts go through a bunch of changes during pregnancy, and they're not always easy on you. They bulk up, feel tender, and just seem to get in the way a lot. And let's not forget how tough it can be to find a bra that will accommodate those sensitive girls. Still, pregnancy breasts can be kind of cool to have--especially if you weren't blessed with an ample bosom to begin with. Here are a few fun (and sexy!) reasons to enjoy your new breast friends while you've got them.

1. Can you say, "Free lunch?" You're about to be able to feed your baby on demand, for free. How amazing is that?!

2. They make a nice pillow for your partner, who will undoubtedly want to cuddle more.

3. A-cups get to experience the joys of effortless cleavage--finally!

4. You won't need special lighting, stage makeup, or Photoshop to look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

5. Pregnancy boobs have the power to make a worn t-shirt look sexy.

6. Filling out a dress a la Christina Hendricks can be really satisfying.

7. Getting to second base feels new and exciting again--for you and your partner!

8. All your old necklaces seem brand new next to a suddenly ample bosom.

9. No one notices your swollen ankles with those sweater puppies around.

10. You'll finally understand what Kelis meant when she sang, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."

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