Q: Can a laptop decrease fertility?

A: Some people may think that heat from a laptop can affect fertility by damaging a woman's eggs or a man's sperm. But this is not something that women need to worry about -- there's never been any proof that heat given off by a laptop or any other computer has a negative impact on a woman's fertility. That's because eggs are produced in the ovaries, which are located inside the body, where they're not as vulnerable to external sources of heat.

With men, the jury's still out on whether laptop use has a significant impact on fertility. This can raise the temperature of the testicles -- which are located outside the body -- and in turn interfere with sperm production. More research needs to be done, but until we have conclusive info one way or the other, it's best to avoid resting a computer on the lap for long periods of time. To play it safe, stick a throw pillow between the lap and computer or perch it on another surface instead.

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