Your back undergoes a lot of strain during pregnancy! Here are some easy way to keep yourself pain free.


Your back is subjected to substantial strain as you gain weight during pregnancy. As your belly grows larger, it pulls your spine forward. If you have weak back and abdominal muscles, this pulling can cause low-back pain during the latter part of your pregnancy.

Pelvic rocking is an exercise that helps strengthen muscles in the back and abdomen, which will help support your back and prevent back pain later in your pregnancy. To do it, lie on the floor or a firm bed with your knees bent and your feet flat. Begin to rock your hips in a gentle, rhythmic way. Lift your hips and roll them as if you're doing slow hula hooping or belly dancing while lying down. The point of the exercise is to work your abdominal muscles while squeezing your butt muscles at the same time, strengthening both for the sake of your back.

It's safe to do this exercise until week 24. After that avoid lying flat on your back because your growing uterus can press down on blood vessels and decrease blood circulation.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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