Fluid build-up and swelling during pregnancy can cause eye problems. Find out what causes eye discomfort and how to feel better.

What causes blurry vision in pregnancy?

If you think you're seeing things when you're pregnant, you're probably right. Your eyes are affected by the same build-up of fluids that may give you thickened ankles or bloating. Your lens and cornea (the outermost layer of your eye) may thicken, and the pressure of the fluid within the eyeball may change. These changes together can cause your vision to blur. Because it is sometimes a symptom of pregnancy-induced hypertension, you should report any blurred vision to your healthcare provider.

What relieves blurry vision in pregnancy?

You may find that wearing glasses rather than contact lenses will be more comfortable during your pregnancy. Even though your eyesight may be worse than before, don't bother having your prescription adjusted. Your vision will very likely return to normal within six weeks of delivery.

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