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Many moms-to-be feel uncomfortable in their own skin. But it doesn't have to be that way! Here you'll learn how to manage aches and pains, pamper yourself, cope with your changing body, and stay healthy and fit during pregnancy.

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8 Things to Know About Postpartum Periods

If your cycle seems unpredictable, don't panic. Hormones and age can cause changes and fluctuations, whether you've just given birth or you had your kids years ago. Here's a guide to parenthood periods, from post-birth to perimenopause.

Protein in Urine During Pregnancy: What It Means and When to Worry

Some people experience high protein in urine during pregnancy. When it's accompanied by high blood pressure, it's likely a sign of preeclampsia. Here's what expectant parents need to know.

Mom Who Blamed Dog After Pooping On the Floor Brings Attention to Postpartum Constipation

A new mom blamed the family pooch after her poop fell on the floor. Her Reddit story inspired other parents to share their own experiences with similar postpartum issues.

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