This Twin vs. Single Pregnancy Bump Comparison Is Amazing

One vlogging mom shared a side-by-side look at her two pregnancies, and the difference between her experience carrying one baby and carrying two is totally eye-opening.

Natalie Bennet is a vlogger who regularly shares details of her pregnancy with her followers—and because of that, her viewers gain a bit of insight into how different pregnancy is when you're carrying twins.

Natalie, who creates YouTube videos with her husband, Wesley, has twin boys and is pregnant again. And while we know that every pregnancy is different, Natalie's experience is proof that no two pregnancies are alike...even when the same woman is experiencing them.

The mama shared a video comparing the two pregnancies, and there's one clear takeaway: There are tons and tons of factors that can affect how your pregnancy will progress. And if you're having twins? Well, all bets are off—especially because there are so many realities of twin pregnancies few people understand.

"Life was so different when I was pregnant with my boys," the mama says in the video. "First of all, I didn't have any kids yet, so I was free to be my big old pregnant self in whatever capacity I needed to be...but the pregnancy itself was so much less comfortable than what it is now. I had twice as many doctor's appointments, so there's that...I would say that this pregnancy overall has been more convenient because it has been so straightforward: One baby is so much more straightforward than a pregnancy with multiples."

Bennet, who likens discussing the two pregnancies to comparing apples to oranges, also posted a side-by-side shot contrasting her baby bumps from one pregnancy to another on Instagram. Needless to say, she carried very differently from one pregnancy to another, despite the fact that she was 27 weeks along in both shots!

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