Birth Stories: When You're Expecting Twins

Jennifer gave birth to her twins via planned c-section. She reveals the ups and downs of the experience and what to expect during pregnancy and during delivery.


-I found out I was having twins and I freaked out. You get the positive pregnancy test and you're all excited about that, but then when you actually go in and they see the two, it's a little bit freakish. It's a little bit scary and then you get warmed up. You warm up to the idea and then it gets better. The only anxiety I felt was towards the end when you start having Braxton Hicks and all these strange feelings where you think it's coming, it's coming, it's coming and then it's not. The Braxton Hicks feel very tight and they feel like you're gonna explode and they feel like your uterus is gonna fall out. Otherwise, before that, everything felt fine and it was a great time for me. That was kind of the joy of it, is that because it was a C-section I wasn't-- we weren't like rushing. We didn't have to be at the hospital until 9. There was nobody there. It just felt very-- like it was my private hospital. And then they just take your vitals and then they take you in like any doctor's appointment, but you're going in for surgery. And they had a resident put in my epidural and then my husband came in and everything, boom, started right away and the baby was out in like 5 minutes. It's crazy how they move. Baby A was Charlie and he was born September 22nd at 12:41 and Baby B is Rudy and he was born at 12:42 on September 22nd. I didn't see the babies right away. They just kinda like whished them away. I didn't even really hear anything. It was really uneventful and then you're wheeled to the recovery room while the babies go to the nursery so I didn't see them for another 6 hours, which is kind of a bummer after all that work. I would say that night when they were wheeled in I couldn't believe it. That was when if first felt that mommy thing like pride, lots of pride. The piece of advice I would give a mother who is expecting twins is to really enjoy the pregnancy, do anything that they wanted to do like projects around the house, take a baby moon because as soon as they show up, you-- it's all you do.

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