Birth Stories: Delivering Twins

Anita, who gave birth to twins, had a planned c-section because of the position of the babies. She shares her experience and gives advice to moms-to-be expecting multiples.


-I found out I was having twins probably three or four weeks after learning that I was pregnant. We were super excited. Double the blessings and joy. We're a little bit nervous of course. We learned that we were gonna have to have a C-section because one was head up, one was head down. We delivered at Mount Sinai in New York and there was a class on preparing for a C-section, so we did feel very prepared. When you have twins, your doctor's visits are much more frequent, so I think there's a lot more interaction with your doctors. The day before a C-section, you have to go into the doctor to get an amnio to check-- I think it is lung capacity. We had the amniocentesis which went according to plans. And then when I got home, I sat on my couch and stood up and my water broke. So, I got to the hospital about 2 o'clock and I was in a lot of pain at that time. They rushed me into the operating room and gave me an epidural and then they performed the C-section. Two beautiful babies came out. Maya Dinwoodie was born at 5:24 and Lucia Dinwoodie was born at 5:25 on April 24th. I would say that I wasn't expecting it to be such a long recovery process, so I think it's really good to be prepared. You know, to make sure you have some help after a C-section especially the first, I'd say, month after a C-section because it's really hard for you to lift the babies up and down, go up and down the stairs. And really talk to twin parents that have gone through this before because I think that having twins, raising twins is just a whole different perspective than having just one child.

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