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You're pregnant with twins! How exciting! Here you'll find real-mom advice for surviving a twin pregnancy, including what to expect from your prenatal visits and special prenatal testing. You'll also learn about the difference between fraternal and identical twins, and more.

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Welcoming twins or multiples means your joy grows exponentially—but so, too, can the costs that come with pregnancy and childbirth. Here's what expecting parents need to know.
How Much Should You Budget for Twins?
Current estimates state that a family with twins should plan to shell out nearly $26,000 per year—but that's not entirely accurate. Still, it's a great motivator to set—and maintain—a family budget. 
12 Things You Didn't Know About Multiple Births
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This Twin vs. Single Pregnancy Bump Comparison Is Amazing
One vlogging mom shared a side-by-side look at her two pregnancies, and the difference between her experience carrying one baby and carrying two is totally eye-opening.
We Now Know the Best Time to Deliver Twins
If you are pregnant with twins, you'll want to read this.
After Husband Dies in Car Crash, Grieving Mom Gets a Beautiful Surprise
An Illinois widow discovered she's pregnant with triplets just weeks after her husband was killed in a car crash.

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