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Your baby is going through dramatic changes each week of your pregnancy. Find out what he's doing now, how big he is, and what you can do now to start bonding and preparing for his arrival.

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The Ramzi Theory: Can It Really Predict Your Baby's Biological Sex?
The Ramzi theory uses the placement of your placenta during early ultrasounds to predict the sex of your baby. Here's why experts say it's not an accurate method.
How Much Should You Budget for Twins?
Current estimates state that a family with twins should plan to shell out nearly $26,000 per year—but that's not entirely accurate. Still, it's a great motivator to set—and maintain—a family budget. 
12 Things You Didn't Know About Multiple Births
Whether you're expecting more than one baby or you're simply curious about multiple births, these fun facts and statistics might teach you something new.
What Happens When You Choose "Gender Neutral" On Your Child's Legal Documents?
Parents can already select an "X" gender marker on birth certificates and the option will soon be available on passports. Experts explain how this can help make it easy for families to navigate gender-affirming support in medical care and travel.
This Twin vs. Single Pregnancy Bump Comparison Is Amazing
One vlogging mom shared a side-by-side look at her two pregnancies, and the difference between her experience carrying one baby and carrying two is totally eye-opening.
Should You Worry About the Size of Your Bump—and Your Baby?
Our maternity nurse weighs in on what it means if your baby is measuring small during ultrasounds.

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Just because you didn't carry or deliver your baby, doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits of breastfeeding.
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Expecting more than one bundle of joy? Head off common health hassles in your twin pregnancy with this helpful primer.