American Baby's mom of the moment, Jennifer Love Hewitt, shares her best pregnancy and new-mom tips. (Hint: Indulge those cravings!)

By Patty Adams Martinez
April 22, 2015

Yes, there is morning sickness to deal with, but Jennifer Love Hewitt, the 36-year-old star of Criminal Minds, focuses on the positives of pregnancy. "I'm grateful," she says. "It's not lost on me what a gift it is to be able to get pregnant." She and her husband, the actor Brian Hallisay (Revenge, American Sniper), didn't do a gender reveal, choosing instead to find out their second baby's sex the old-fashioned way: on delivery day next month. Big sister Autumn will be just 18 months old, so the couple will have their hands full with two under 2. Until then, Hewitt enjoys these pregnancy perks. Try 'em and have a happier nine months yourself!

Let Them Pamper You

"You will never be treated as kindly in your whole life as you are when you're pregnant, especially by complete strangers. People open doors for you and ask things like,

'Do you need some water?'"

Embrace Your Shape

"Your body changes so much, and there's a sensuality about that. I say accentuate the fact that your legs look thinner than they ever have, and your boobs look great: Work it!"

Have the Cookie

"I've been an actress for 25 years, and have had to be hungry at times in my life for my career, so being pregnant is completely freeing. When I was expecting Autumn, I ate everything I saw! I told myself, 'Oh, there's a donut -- I should have that.' Now with this second pregnancy, I know the baby really doesn't 'need it.' So I eat healthy foods in general, but I also indulge in little things that I crave."

Glam Up

"I have nice pregnancy hair this time, and my nails are fantastic. I love it, because I normally don't have strong nails that just grow on their own. Manicures have never looked better!"

Relax, Finally

"Because so many of us are busy or driven, we forget to take care of ourselves. But when you're pregnant, it's all about you -- and that baby inside of you. Enjoy a nap; for some reason our generation thinks we can't do that! Really listen to your body. I hope to continue to be a little kinder to myself even after pregnancy."

Thank Your Partner

"I tell Brian he should be a male doula because he was a genius during labor. I think most men get superpowers when their partners are pregnant."

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Credit: Justin Coit

Things JLH Can't Live Without

The happy mama lists her must-haves for pregnancy, parenthood, and beyond.

  • Cherry Pie and Pigs in a Blanket "Plus greens, including artichokes, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli."
  • Fisher-Price's Baby Bouncer "I could shower and have dinner with my husband all because of the Rainforest baby seat. When we traveled, we Fed-Exed it to hotels; we couldn't live without it."
  • A Special Necklace "At my first shower, guests brought beads and strung a necklace for me and a bracelet for Brian. We'll wear them during labor again this time."
  • Palmer's Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks "A perfect moisturizer." $6; drugstores
  • Word Searches "It sounds like I'm 95 years old, but these are calming to do before bed. I keep a puzzle book on my nightstand."
  • Wedge Sneakers "For short people like me who still want to feel saucy." $125;
  • Maxi Dresses "Girly, but not clingy. I like to wear ones by Isabella Oliver, Séraphine, and A Pea in the Pod."

Originally published in the May 2015 issue of American Baby magazine.

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