Q: Will I need a C-section for twins or multiples?

A: It depends on your babies and on the comfort level of your obstetrician. If you're having twins and the first baby is head down, many doctors will suggest a vaginal delivery. Even if the second baby is feet first, your doctor may be able to externally turn her by manipulating your abdomen. If that fails, your doctor still may try a breech delivery. If the first baby has dilated the cervix and vagina well, and the second is about the same size, a breech delivery is considered safe.

The majority of triplets and quads, however, are delivered by c-section. Monitoring more than two babies during labor can be logistically difficult. In addition, with more babies there's more risk of maternal or fetal problems, such as high blood pressure for the mom or cord compression for the babies. --Donna Christiano

Answered by Parents Team