Vaginal Birth

A vaginal birth is the \"natural\" way to deliver a baby. If you're considering a vaginal birth, check out our natural birth tips. Plus learn about what to expect from a vaginal birth, water birth, and more.

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I desperately wanted to experience natural childbirth, and I wasn't going to let my C-section scar—or my doctor's policy—stop me.
Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth: What You Need to Know
Scared of getting a tear down there? Here's why vaginal tears happen—and what you can do about it before and after birth.
13 Tips for Having a Successful Non-Medicated, Low-Intervention 'Natural' Birth 
Birthing your child without drugs isn't easy, but it's usually possible. Follow these guidelines to create a "natural birth" plan with minimal interventions.
The Pros and Cons of Epidurals vs. 'Natural Births'
Trying to weigh the benefits of "natural birth" against getting an epidural? Read about the pros and cons of each birthing option, as well as two real-life stories of different deliveries.
Why Doctors Perform C-Sections for Babies in Breech
C-sections are considered the safest delivery method for breech babies. Find out the reason for this trend, and whether it's ever possible to deliver a breech baby vaginally. 

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Most water births take place at home or in birthing centers, but some hospitals will accommodate your requests as well. Here's what you need to know about having a water birth in a hospital.