Prepare to LOL over this parody of "How Far I'll Go"—it'll TOTALLY appeal to any mama who has ever been 40 plus weeks pregnant!


We all know that due dates aren't absolute, and that plenty of mamas see that promised day come and go with the baby still hanging in there—but that doesn't make your 41st week of pregnancy any less frustrating!

The good news? Danielle Murray knows exactly how you feel, and she's managed to find the humor in what can only be described as an uncomfortable situation. The popular vlogger shared a parody video set to the tune of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana.

Yes, yes, we know: If you're a mom already, you never want to hear that song again. But trust us, you'll want to give this hilarious version a listen:

"Every pregnant woman can relate to the last month feeling like nine months in and of itself—but for me, my due date was miscalculated and so I've actually passed 40 weeks TWICE this pregnancy! My four other girls came early and so even making it to my due date the first time felt like an eternity," Murray said."Three weeks after my original due date, it all felt pretty surreal and so we just started joking about it more and more..."

The parody features Murray lamenting her situation to lyrics like "I wish I could meet this perfect daughter/But I cannot break my water/Now matter how hard I try" and "I know everybody's always trying/To tell me there's no use in prying/'Cause babies come on their own time."

Then she hits the chorus: "...And no one knows how large I'll grow/Thought I wasn't prepared, now my due date's behind me/Can't reach my toes/Now I know there's just no telling how far I'll go," Murray sings. 

This is just way too real—not to mention hilarious. So if you're currently in the same boat, here's our suggestion: Watch this video STAT. 'Cause if anyone could use a laugh right now, it's you, mama.