13 Photos That Prove C-Section Moms Are Incredibly Brave

Our readers shared inspiring stories and photos of their Cesarean sections on Facebook, showing that moms are strong enough to go through anything for their babies.

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Brave C-Section Moms Chasity Colville
Courtesy of Chasity Colville

"This is baby B of my twins who were born one day shy of 27 weeks. Baby A's water broke at 24 weeks and I was on hospital bedrest for 21 days before my emergency C-section. Born at 2.4 lbs and 2.5 lbs they are our miracle babies after fighting for their lives in the NICU for 76 and 81 days. I couldn't get a picture with baby A since she was the one that needed more medical attention at the time. Now they will be 4-years-old in August and as healthy as ever. What an amazing blessing!!" — Chasity Colville

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Brave C-Section Moms Cynthia Cortez Silva
Courtesy of Cynthia Cortez Silva

"This is right before he was rushed into the NICU and I was rushed downstairs to the OR for my 2nd surgery since I was hemorrhaging over from my C-section. I ended up needing an emergency hysterectomy due to complete placenta previa and undiagnosed accreta. I lost quite a bit of blood so I ended up needing a blood transfusion. I didn't get to hold him for the first time until 24 hours later due to my required 24 hour bedrest after surgeries. He was born at 34.5 weeks and had a 10 day NICU stay. So blessed and thankful we were able to make it to the survivor side, I was on modified bedrest since 9 weeks pregnant so the whole pregnancy was a scare. I can't believe he'll be 1 on July 1st, so sad knowing he's my last baby and growing up way too fast!" — Cynthia Cortez Silva

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Brave C-Section Moms Jasmine Renee Johns
Courtesy of Jasmine Renee Johns

"Attempted vbac - 3 nights of prodromal labor and no sleep, 24 hours of active labor, stalled at 5cm, went in for assistance, but before anything could be done we discovered his heartbeat was dropping. Emergency c-section surrounded by a team of the most inspiration doctors/nurses and my midwife-who is helping me hold my newborn son in this photo due to me shaking from the spinal. It was a beautiful moment!" — Jasmine Renée Johns

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Brave C-Section Moms Jennifer Lynn Reppert
Courtesy of Jennifer Lynn Reppert

"Tried so hard for a VBAC after having a very traumatic emergency C-section with my 2nd child followed by terrible postpartum depression! My body was stubborn and just wouldn't go into labor, my amazing doctor assured me time and time again that things would be different this time, he couldn't have been more right! I had an amazing birth experience, despite needing another C-section, emotionally and physically I healed, which meant a lot because this was my last kiddo! My little Oliver is 6 weeks now and an amazing, calm, giant of a baby!" — Jennifer Lynn Reppert

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Brave C-Section Moms Jessica Dickson
Courtesy of Jessica Dickson

"The day my youngest daughter was born. One of the scariest days of my life . This was moments after we told that they think she had Spina Bifida. I was able to stay with her a little bit, then at hours old, she was transferred to locate Children's Hospital. Leaving me at the other hospital. Her first surgery was the next day. If I could only tell myself back then how amazing our lives would be and how much she would complete our family." — Jessica Dickson

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Brave C-Section Moms Kamae Stone
Courtesy of Kamae Stone

"Our rainbow baby Nixon was born 11-9-14 at 34w4d at 4 lbs 13oz. After 3 miscarriages, 3 rounds of IVF, and the loss of his twin sister Avery at 31 weeks, Nixon was born healthy and strong. So thankful for our sweet miracle boy." — Kamae Stone

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Brave C-Section Moms Kimberly Ross
Courtesy of Kimberly Ross

"After almost 4 years of trying, a brief hospitalization two months prior, and blood pressure issues...little man arrived into the world via emergency cesarean 5 weeks early. This was taken before he was whisked off to the NICU and it would be 24 hours until I was unhooked and could make it there to hold him for the first time. He was worth it all!" — Kimberly Ross

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Brave C-Section Moms Kristin Kelly
Courtesy of Kristin Kelly

"This is by far my most favorite picture ever. My sweet little girl entering the world but still half inside of me. I am so grateful that the anesthesiologist snapped this for us. It looks as though she is saying, "I'm here world! I'm ready for you!"

Edited to add: "This was my second C-section and my epidural did not work properly. I felt pretty much the entire surgery. The anesthesiologist insisted on knocking me out but I refused and insisted that I wanted to be awake to see my baby and to make sure she was ok. I endured the worst pain of my life but it was all worth it once I saw her face!" — Kristin Kelly

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Brave C-Section Moms Lauren Padgett Beck
Courtesy of Lauren Padgett Beck

"After doctors told us it was impossible, 3 years of trying, 1 miscarriage, a high-risk pregnancy full of bed rest, and fear we finally got our miracle baby girl Hadassah! Via C-section that was scheduled since it was my second and I had the best doctor in the world and everything went beautifully, including recovery! (I had a C-section with my son as well but no pictures in the room sadly.)" — Lauren Padgett Beck

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Brave C-Section Moms Megan Stone
Courtesy of Megan Stone

"My husband is military and could not be there so my mom was with me. Went in to have her turned because she was breeched and ended up with a C-section due to complications 3 weeks early. My mom has been there for 2 out of 3 of our girls births. She's amazing and I'm lucky to call her mom! Also, I'm a C-section baby so it was another bonding experience for us." — Megan Stone

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Brave C-Section Moms Nikki Alicia
Courtesy of Nikki Alicia

"After 36 hours of labor...I only progressed to 3cm. Finally, they let me have a C-section. My body wouldn't expand the way it should during labor. They gave me too much anesthesia in my spinal tap so I couldn't move my arms. I couldn't hold her until I got to recovery." — Nikki Alicia

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Brave C-Section Moms Paige Blurton
Courtesy of Paige Blurton

"When I turned 18 I fell down some stairs and broke my back, I was 5% off from being paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors told me I would never be able to have a vaginal birth because it could possibly make me paralysed. A week after I turned 21 I found out I was pregnant with my gorgeous daughter, Alice, who is now 3-months-old. My pregnancy was a struggle for weeks at a time while Alice was getting bigger I had to be bed rested. My partner stood by me through all my rough patches helping me with everything he could to make me and Bub comfortable. :) I was put on the high-risk antenatal list in another town hospital to have my baby 2 weeks early because of my back almost giving way on me so many times. After all the struggles I wouldn't change anything in the world now that I have my baby girl safe and sound and a loving partner by my side." — Paige Blurton

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Brave C-Section Moms Rebecca Arruda
Courtesy of Rebecca Arruda

"This was taken in recovery after my C-section. At 38 and already having one miracle baby. He was an unplanned blessing. He was born at 34 weeks and did great. I spent the next 10 days in the hospital with liver, kidney, and heart failure. 5 months later mommy and baby are fine." — Rebecca Arruda

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