Jeannie's Birth Story

A routine doctor's appointment takes an unexpected turn.

I had been on bed rest for a while during my pregnancy due to preeclampsia, a condition characterized by high blood pressure and fluid retention. So I was pretty anxious for my due date to arrive. Two weeks before the big day, my husband, CJ, and I went to a routine doctor's appointment to get my blood pressure checked. According to a nurse, who was fresh out of school, it was normal. But the baby turned out to be in a breech position, so a C-section was scheduled for the following week.

Knowing that the baby and I were fine, my husband left me at the doctor's office to finish up so that he could get to work on time. Just after he left, my doctor returned to doublecheck my blood pressure because the nurse who had taken it was so new. It turned out to be sky high! Worried that I could have a seizure, she admitted me to the hospital so that my blood pressure could be closely monitored. I tried to contact my husband, but his cell phone wasn't working. I finally reached him, and seven hours later I was allowed to go home and rest for my C-section, which had been rescheduled for the following morning.

Later that night, I was sitting in bed eating pasta and watching TV when I felt a huge gush of water between my legs. "My water broke!" I yelled to CJ. "We have to go to the hospital." CJ responded by carrying our dachshund, Ripley, into the bedroom and saying, "Who's going to take care of the dog?" "Who's going to take care of the dog?! Who's going to take care of me?" I cried. I couldn't believe how much amniotic fluid was coming out. I went through three pairs of pants in 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, CJ was running around the apartment changing his underwear and applying deodorant. "Jeannie, it's going to be a long night!" he explained. Luckily, a neighbor offered to take care of our dog and we headed off to the hospital.

Once we arrived, not much happened. I didn't have one contraction. Instead, the baby stayed still for the next five hours while I waited for my C-section. I was surprised that they waited as long as they did to perform the surgery since my water had already broken. But finally, a nurse wheeled me into the operating room. The first thing I said when I saw my doctor was, "Let me know as soon as the baby comes out if it's a wedding or a rehearsal dinner!" He laughed and 20 minutes later, he announced that our baby boy, Carter, was born.

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