An Amazing Arrival

A real-life couple shares the story of delivering their own baby.


-Hi, my name is Jessica Kasorow. -My name is Mike Kasorow and I helped deliver my son on the side of the road. -My water broke in the afternoon and shortly thereafter, I called my husband. -I went directly to her mother's, went to pick her up. -On the way home to our house, it was kind of becoming obvious to both of us that things were progressing a little bit quicker than we had anticipated. -The progression from that time, that 15-minute drive, was absolutely amazing. -By the time I got back to our house, I was crowning and was wanting my husband to call an ambulance. -Finally, I just picked her up and put her in the truck and said, "Alright, I'm driving you to the hospital." -And a couple of minutes later, I said, "Baby, you have to pull over. The head is out." -So, I did. I pulled over, immediately called 911. -He opened up the passenger's side door and basically caught our son. -The whole time I was trying to, you know, just kind of survey my scene and my son in my hands and just kind of make sure that everyone was doing okay. -When he was born, he was pretty purple which made me a little nervous but Marc was pretty calming in that situation and he was trying to flick his feet and stimulate him to get him to cry and clear his airway and I was vigorously rubbing him with a towel that we had to try and get things moving. We were both-- we're both EMTs and so we had that training kind of running in the background, I guess. I was kind of on auto-pilot at that point. I would say, definitely stay calm, call 911, make sure that you have a blanket or towel or something to keep the baby warm and remember, obviously, as soon as the baby is born, you wanna make sure that that airway is clear and the baby is breathing well. And don't worry about cutting the cord. The baby actually receives oxygen through the umbilical cord. -Observe mom, observe baby. And if the baby is making noise and mom is making noise, you know everyone is doing pretty well.

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