These real moms' stories of giving birth speedily or in an unconventional spot (from ER hallways to their very own kitchen!) are truly impressive.
Hogan parents ER hallway birth
Credit: Tammy Karin/Little Leapling

As every parent knows, labor and delivery rarely plays out exactly as you imagine it will. And while not every woman's birth story is destined to make headlines, every single one is unique, empowering, and/or mind-blowing in its own way. Inspired by a photo series that showed how one mom from Kansas gave birth in the hallway of an emergency room, many readers were stirred to share their wildest stories of giving birth quickly and/or in an unconventional location, proving little ones arrive on their own terms! Here, nine stories that are sure to inspire and impress.

1. "I went to labor and delivery, my doctor and I are argued that I wasn't in labor... I delivered my fourth child less than 20 minutes after I left the hospital—in the front seat of my car!" -- Kristy Casale

2. "My second child was born within seven minutes of walking into the hospital, I was put in a side room on the floor. No pain relief and just on a cushion. I gave birth to my fifth two weeks ago on my living room floor (laminate = sore bum

?). My mum, husband, and best friend delivered my beautiful son with the help of the fantastic 999 operator on the phone. Paramedics turned up about 15 mins after he arrived!" -- Lauren Triggs-edge

3. "My daughter came 10 minutes after stepping on the labor and delivery floor. Still in my street clothes and at least in a bed. She literally pushed herself out. I had no control of the situation. The greatest part was 30 minutes later when I didn't even feel like I had a baby and walked to my recovery room." -- Kelly Waldvogel

4. "My youngest was born 20 minutes after we left home. We luckily don’t live far from the hospital, my husband and I got into labor and delivery, and of course they wanted to see if I was truly in labor. The nurse checked me, went out to get another nurse, as soon as she walked out my water broke, I told my husband I had to push. I couldn’t stop my body from the natural process so with one push, my husband delivered our daughter right there!" -- Christy Lynn Treadaway

5. "When I got to the maternity ward, they immediately brought me back, as I was on all fours pushing in the chair. No time for check in, paperwork, or meds. Right when I got in the room, I pushed him out. They tried to tell me not to push, cause the doctor wasn't there yet, but there was no stopping it... Gotta do what your body says." -- Kat Elizabeth

6. "I was sent home from the hospital at 4 a.m., and I sat on the toilet and my water broke. Ten seconds after that, I dropped to my knees and had my son on my bathroom floor!" -- Jenn Marie

7. "My baby's birth last week was similar. We got a police escort the last two blocks, because I could feel him coming. I gave birth literally three minutes after getting to the hospital. They had enough time to put me on a bed, pull my pants down, and out he came." -- Tamara Mahomes

8. "I fought with both the nurses and the doctors telling them the baby was coming even though my body was ready. First baby was born while I was on a stretcher in the hallway, and second was born in a regular hospital room with no birthing supplies. Women know their bodies!" -- Lisa Paige

9. "I delivered standing up in my kitchen before we could even leave the house to get to the hospital. Caught my daughter with my own hands. Only had a 20-minute window from when my midwife told me to get to the hospital. We both got our first ride in an ambulance that day!" -- Jamie Lyn Wyckoff