Birth Stories

Every birth story is different, but they all provide realistic insight that many pregnant people seek. Here you’ll read about babies born in a hospital or birthing center (either vaginally or via C-section), home birth stories, and twin birth stories. You’ll also read about people who chose epidural or drugs, as well as ‘natural’ birth stories from those who avoided pain medication. Reading through the collection of negative and positive birth stories will build confidence and reassurance for labor and delivery.

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'My Birth Plan Had to Change Because of COVID-19, But This Is What Moms Need to Know'

Wendy Friedman was about 37 weeks pregnant with her second son when the coronavirus pandemic changed everything—including her hospital’s policy for allowing her doula to be present during her delivery.

'My Wife's Legacy Gives a Voice to the Voiceless': Charles Johnson's Loss Launched a Maternal Health Revolution

When Kira Johnson died from a hemorrhage after the birth of her second son, her husband, Charles, was devastated. Instead of mourning in silence, he shared Kira's story, which led him to work with Congress and pass a bill granting funds for states to investigate incidents of maternal mortality. His advocacy is only just beginning.

'A Better Birth Experience Could Have Saved My Son': How One Mom is Changing the Conversation Around Infant Loss

After Tomeka Isaac lost her son and almost lost her life, she and her husband, Brandon, came to understand that implicit bias and negligent prenatal care led to the tragedy. The couple is now on a mission to share their story and create concrete change.

My Own Adoption Was Called into Question When My Baby Was Born With a Different Skin Color

I didn't know what to think when I saw my son's skin tone, which was many shades lighter than mine and my husband's. My son's birth made me question everything about where I came from.

My Wife Almost Dying from Childbirth Made Me Terrified to Have Another

My wife was pregnant again after she and my son nearly died in childbirth due to a placental abruption. We had a tough decision to make. But we decided to take the risk.

More Birth Stories

Should You Write a Birth Plan? Mine Was a Waste of Time

My doctor suggested I write a birth plan for the arrival of my daughter. In the end, I learned no birth goes as planned.

Breathtaking En Caul Twin Home Birth Caught on Camera

An award-winning photographer captured this en caul home birth of twins so perfectly—you have to see photos of this rare, one in 80,000 occurrence.