Getting ready for that first prenatal appointment is so exciting! Here's what you should be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider.

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Q. What questions should I ask during my first prenatal visit?

A. No matter how silly you feel about a question, ask anyway. You can rest assured that someone else has asked the question before. Besides, your provider's job is to help you relax. If she isn't answering your questions with patience, humor, and enough detail to inform you without scaring you, then it's time to find another provider. Write down your questions ahead of time so that you'll remember them when you meet with your provider. You probably already have a list that's growing, so add these questions to it:

  • How much weight should I gain, given how much I weigh now?
  • Should I be concerned about any hazards at work, such as lifting, stress, or chemicals in my environment?
  • I'm worried! Did I hurt my baby when I (you fill in the blank)?
  • What sexually transmitted diseases are you testing me for? Should I have any other tests?
  • Should I be worried about these (you fill in the blank) that I'm feeling?
  • What exercises should I be doing, given my current fitness level?
  • What prenatal screening tests do you suggest I have, given my age and medical history?
  • How can I reach you between visits?
  • Where can I find childbirth classes?
  • Is it all right if I bring my partner or friend to prenatal visits?
  • I've already had a cesarean delivery. Could I have a vaginal birth this time?

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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