What to Pack in Your Partner's Hospital Bag

During labor and delivery, you'll want your partner to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible. Here's your go-to hospital bag checklist for dad, so he can be ready for any situation in the delivery room.

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A Change of Clothes

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Wondering what to pack in the hospital bag for dad? For starters, make sure he brings a change of clothes (including underwear). He won't want to sit in the same outfit during your entire hospital stay—especially if your labor lasts for more than a few hours!

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Reading Material


Labor can last a long time. Bring a few books or magazines for your partner to read while you're waiting for delivery. (He'll thank you later.)

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A toothbrush, toothpaste, and other basic toiletries will freshen and cheer him up for your big moment—even if he's been up all night long.

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Bring at least 20 dollars in cash and change for snacks, phone calls to family members, and any of your miscellaneous cravings.

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Have your partner bring a watch with a second hand to time your contractions. He'll be able to estimate when the next one is coming, which will help you calm down. You can also use the stopwatch function on your phone for this purpose.

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Cell Phone

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Don't forget a cell phone in dad's hospital bag. He can call friends and family to update them on your progress—and announce the big news when Baby arrives! (The charger should go into your hospital bag for dad, too.)

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If your partner spends the night at the hospital, the staff will set up a cot or turn down a reclining chair in your room. Bringing his own pillow from home can go a long ways towards helping him be more comfortable and better rested.

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Your Laptop

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Nowadays most hospitals offer Wi-Fi in birthing and recovery rooms. Call ahead and find out if yours follows the trend—if so, packing a laptop can help you and your partner stay in touch with friends and family.

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