Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Depending on your decisions below you may find yourself dodging a c-section, getting a glorious epidural, or (crap!) delivering two weeks late. Start making some choices and see what kind of birth you end up with. The best part? Unlike in real life, you can start over, make a few different choices and get a totally different outcome.

Make a Choice

You're 37.5 weeks pregnant and, while you're making breakfast one morning, you feel something that comes on gradually and reminds you of a mild menstrual cramp. Just like a menstrual cramp it fades away. You... (choose one option)

  • A. wonder if it might be a contraction, then decide it's probably not -- it's just wishful thinking -- you still have two weeks to go! Hello Braxton Hicks! You continue making breakfast and getting ready for work.
  • B. think, oh my god it's a contraction! It's almost time, it's getting close, it must be the baby! -- and you lie down for a few minutes to see if you feel another one.
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