Choose Your Own (Birth) Adventure 30

She agrees (whew!). Your partner picks you up and you head off to your doc's office, still having contractions every few minutes. She checks you and you're 5 centimeters dilated -- you were right! You tell her that if this is what 5 feels like you don't want to feel 6, you want an epidural, and fast. You all take off for the hospital and you get one. Bliss! But then -- something happens. The doc is out of the room for a minute and when she comes back, you tell her the epidural isn't working any more, you can really -- really -- feel the contractions again. (What the &$@%?) She checks the machine and -- it's broken! They have to bring another machine in and get your drip hooked up to it. Ten long, uncomfortable minutes pass and then you're in business with the drugs again. In just a few more minutes, it's time to push! You have to push for a little over an hour, and the baby has a hard, slow time coming down the birth canal, but finally does. The baby arrives -- congratulations!

Of course, this is just one way your labor and delivery could have gone -- ready to start all over and make some different choices?

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