Back at the office, you call your husband and he picks you up at work -- you tell everyone the baby's coming! -- and the two of you go home for a bit. The contractions keep coming and you keep trying to breathe through them. Finally it's time to call the doc again, and she says she'll meet you at the hospital. Once there, you drop your clothes, and barely have time to wrap a hospital gown around yourself before a big contraction comes. When it's passed, you doc checks you and you're a whopping 8 centimeters dilated! No time for an epidural! But you feel sick -- your hubby sees the look on your face and grabs something for you to bend over into. (You are sick, but it's so totally beside the point, you don't care.) Time to push! You're focused and ready. You push and -- in less than an hour, you meet your new baby! Congratulations!

Of course, this is just one way your labor and delivery could have gone -- ready to start all over and make some different choices?

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