You get to the office and everything's quiet down there -- you're sure it was a false alarm. Then, during your 11 a.m. meeting, you feel a little trickle.... You go to the ladies' room -- and realize your water has broken! (That maxi pad you've been carrying around in your purse for the last two weeks comes in handy -- smart girl!) Your ob-gyn says to go home and hang out, and to come to the hospital when regular contractions begin -- or to come in if nothing's happened by about 10 p.m.

You call your husband, and he rushes home from work -- the baby's coming! Then you wait. All day. And all evening. By 10 p.m., you still aren't having regular contractions. So you head to the hospital.

At the hospital they check you and you're only at 1 centimeter! You have a few more hours to wait it out if you want and see if things start happening. Or you can be induced with Pitocin and an epidural now. You...

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