You're making a list and checking it twice. This is a good time to tie up any loose ends at home and at work.
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__ Pay your bills (cell phone, rent/mortgage, etc.) It's easy to forget about the mail -- even the pressing stuff -- after the baby arrives.

__ Preregister at the hospital. Pausing for paperwork when your stomach feels like its turning inside out? No thanks.

__ Wrap up stuff at work. Send out a good-bye email to co-workers and clients, set up an out-of-office message for your e-mail and appoint a pal to be your D-day correspondent, so your partner can call or e-mail with the good news.

__ Get groomed -- mani-pedis, waxing -- whatever makes you feel pampered. Running out to a day spa won't be at the top of your list for a while, so enjoy one last baby-free session now.

__ Stock up on diapers and wipes. Who wants to send Dad out to the drugstore the second you get home from the hospital?

__ Finish up last-minute packing, like makeup (this is one of life's greatest photo ops, after all -- and we can?t overstate the amazingness of concealer!) and take-out menus from restaurants near the hospital. (So your partner doesn?t starve while you?re laboring away -- and you have more than Jell-O and rubbery mac ?n cheese to look forward to after giving birth.)

__ Install the car seat and have it double-checked by a pro (see if the hospital or local police or fire department does inspections).

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