Beyond the Birth Plan

You'€™ve made clear your wishes for the birth you hope to have-€”Rosie Pope shares a few other don'€™t-miss details.


-You head about birth plans, but I'm here to talk about birth strategy. I'm Rosie Pope and I'll explain what you need to consider for a more relaxing delivery. When creating your birth plan, it's best to keep it as simple as possible. Keep your plan 1 or 2 pages and use bullet points to communicate your wishes clearly. Make sure you talk throw your wishes with your partner and then your healthcare professional. It's important that everybody agrees and is on the same page. For example, I've seen a lot of birth plans when people wanted to have candles at the delivery. Many hospitals are not okay with open flames and they need to think of a different solution. So, make sure to communicate everything before you go into labor. One of the potential traps with the birth plan is that if things don't according to plan, which they inevitably will in a delivery, people feel disappointed. And I never want a new mom and a new dad to ever feel disappointed when they're holding a healthy baby in their arms. Finally, have a plan set in advance for spreading the news to your family and friends. And in my opinion, this is the great job to delegate to your partner. Whether it's a phone chain, or group text message, or even Facebook, make sure to get the message out. And of course, everyone is gonna be dying for a picture. So remember to follow up with a great photo later.

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