Preparing for Labor

Preparing for labor means more than just packing your hospital bag. Learn how to know if labor has started, get help preparing for labor, and more.

Pregnant and Nearing Your Due Date? Here's When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

Don't be caught off guard if baby comes early. Here's when to pack your hospital bag and 7 things not to forget to put in it.
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What to Pack in Your C-Section Hospital Bag: A Checklist

Here's everything you need to bring to the hospital if your baby's arriving via scheduled Cesarean.
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Labor Positions to Ease Pain (With Photos)

The standard hospital labor position—semi- or fully reclining—is not ideal. When you're lying on your back, your uterus compresses major blood vessels, potentially depriving the baby of oxygen and making you dizzy or queasy. Try one of these positions instead to ease your pain and discomfort during contractions.
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7 Natural Birth Labor Tips From Moms Who Know

Saying 'no thanks!' to the epidural isn't for everyone, but if you want to try having a drug-free natural birth, read on for a solid strategy from women who did it.
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Got a Holiday Due Date? Here's How to Prepare

A due date that falls smack in the middle of the holiday season can stress out any mama-to-be. Have a smooth delivery with these tips.
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Inducing Labor at 39 Weeks Reduces Likelihood of C-Sections, Study Says

Researchers previously thought that inducing labor, even at 39 weeks, would increase the rate of cesarean sections, but they found the number of C-section deliveries actually lowered.
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More Preparing for Labor

Signs of Approaching Labor

Learn to recognize the telltale signs that baby is coming.
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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Stay sane on delivery day by preparing your hospital bag ahead of time. Here's our complete hospital bag checklist of stuff you won't want to forget.
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Prodromal Labor in Pregnancy: Causes and Symptoms

It can be hard to distinguish between prodromal labor and real labor contractions—here are some tips for coping with prodromal labor and knowing when it's time to head to the hospital.