Perineal Massage 101: The Other Prenatal Massage

Don't squirm at the thought of getting hands-on down there -- practicing perineal massage can help prepare your birth canal for Baby, and may even reduce your risk of tearing.


Perineal massage? Perineal massage? Perineal massage. [MUSIC] Okay, so I'm going to go with a massage. The perineum, right? One of my voice teachers will be like Relax your perineum. Relax your perineum. Release it. Somewhere in the crotch area. I think that's when they massage your **** hole. It's fine for your perineal massage because a baby's about to come. Maybe something like that. [INAUDIBLE] Perineal massager, birth canal widening. Is a technique to soften and stretch the perineum. The skin between the anus and the vagina. In order to prevent tearing during childbirth. Well, that escalated quickly. Wow. Got that one dead on. Crotch massage. Can you stretch this when you're not pregnant? Is this kind of like when they have to cut you open a little bit? Tearing during child birth just sounds awful. Your body's gonna know. Why do you need a massage? What about prehistoric era? They didn't get massages. [MUSIC]

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