Labor & Delivery: Natural Pain Relief

For moms who don't want to have an epidural, there are ways to get relief naturally. Learn about some tried and true methods to ease your pain.


If you're not going to have an epidural, there are some ways that you can try to deal with the pain of labor. You may want to consider a doula who is someone who can help you with pain during labor. They can use massage techniques, help you get into different positions, help you get in the shower, and make you feel more comfortable when you're in labor. Some women also use different forms of meditation. There is something called Hypnobirth where people bring objects to the hospital, and they focus on them, and that helps them concentrate when they're going through a lot of pain. So in general, it does seem like women who are more mobile do better with pain. So being able to walk around, someone bringing a birthing ball, and you kinda have to see how you feel when you're in labor. What's gonna be more comfortable for you at that time. Having a good support person with you while you're going through that is really, really important also. So whatever your method, just think about it before the big day.

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