Birth Stories: Unmedicated Childbirth

Regina was five days past her due date, but she was determined to have her baby naturally. She shares what she did to avoid being induced and make her birth plan become a reality.


-When I went to the doctor for my checkup to see if everything was going okay or if they had to induce me, I went in and they told me I was 4 cm dilated and had a contraction that I didn't know. I was due on July 31st and nothing was happening. So, I went up being five days late. They were telling me I was gonna have to get induced and I really didn't wanna be induced. So, we were doing whatever we could to make him come beforehand. So, the things we tried were spicy food like Chinese and Mexican, things like that. Someone had suggested primrose oil, so I took that. I'm not sure if that did anything. Tons of walking. Now, we don't really know if any of those happened to work or he just decided to come and, you know, plus five. So, we'll never really know. They told us just to check in to the hospital and we did that. We got started. They told me they could let me just get going. And if I'm not progressing fast enough, they would give me the Pitocin. I asked if we could break my water first and they agreed to that, so we broke my water. At that point, I still hadn't really felt much pain. But once they broke my water, things happened a lot faster and it started to hurt and that's when it got kind of real. In the beginning, the doctor wasn't there so they told me I couldn't push even though my body was telling me you need to push. And that was probably the most painful thing out of the entire thing because your body is trying to push this baby out and they're saying, sorry, the doctor's not here, you can't push, so I had to like hold him in kind of. I pushed for probably about 2 hours, maybe an hour and a half, I think it would have been, and true enough he came. So, I was in labor for about 9 hours and then Ryder was born at about 10:42 p.m. on August 5th. All my friends who had babies had kind of prepared me for some of the things that happened during recovery and so I felt there were a lot of things that I was ready for. But because I had a third-degree tear, it took a good six weeks before I felt like I could walk normal. It was really uncomfortable and I think it was really hard emotionally because I wanted to be able to be up and taking care of him. I think really it was mostly friends and family that helped me to get through that part and just other friends that were going through the same thing or had just finished going through that. I think that was huge too because I could talk to her about it and they could help me feel better.

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