Pain Relief

You have several options to consider when it comes to labor pain relief. Here you'll learn what techniques you can use, medications that are available, and how you can manage the pain and discomfort of contractions.

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11 Ways to Ease Contractions Without Drugs

Try these simple, natural pain management techniques as your labor progresses for an easier delivery.
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Laughing Gas and Labor: Is This Pain Relief Option Right for You?

Nitrous oxide is a new option for labor pain relief. What is it, how does it work, and is it right for you?
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8 Ways to Manage Labor Pain

From drugs to breathing techniques, here's what to know to make your labor as painless as possible.
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Labor Pain-Relief Primer

From epidurals to spinals, what you must know about your medication options during childbirth.
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Pain Relief During Labor

Make a well-informed choice by reading up on these pain relief options available to you during labor. 
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Epidural or Drug-Free Birth?

Deciding between natural birth vs. epidural? Here, the stories of two very different deliveries weigh the pros and cons of getting an epidural. 
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Breathing and Relaxation Techniques for Labor

Start practicing for labor in your third trimester with these breathing techniques and relaxation routines.
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