Labor Support

Having someone you trust by your side during labor and delivery can provide comfort and ease the birth process. Here you'll learn about labor support, how to find it, and what support methods might be right for you.

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Doulas Make a Difference for Culturally Competent Care and We Need Them in Delivery Rooms

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed visitor policies in hospitals across the country, including limiting who is allowed in the delivery room. Here’s why doulas are needed now, more than ever.

11 Things You Can Do to Better Empower Yourself in Pregnancy, Birth, and the Postpartum Period

Having a high-risk pregnancy and being a woman of color, I wanted to advocate for my maternal care. Here are tips I learned that can help you feel confident and allow you to gain control as you get ready to welcome your baby into the world.

6 Alternatives to Epidurals During Labor

If you’re not a candidate for an epidural, you still have options when it comes to pain management during labor and delivery.

The Perfect Labor and Delivery Nurse Gift

Wondering how to thank your labor nurse? We went straight to the source so you know just how to show your love and appreciation for the person who helped you through it all. 

Pushing During Labor: More Isn't Better

Let's call this the "push paradox." See why coached pushing may not be the best thing for you when you're in labor. 

The Ultimate Delivery Room Playlist

Music has an undeniable power to alter your emotions and mood—so what you listen to during delivery is very important. One doctor weighs in on Spotify.

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10 Labor and Delivery Support Tips for Partners

Wondering how to support your partner during labor and delivery? We rounded up some advice from veteran parents and experts who know what happens behind the scenes.

When Labor Stalls: Common Causes and What You Can Do

A stalled labor could lead to a C-section. Learn the reasons why labor could stop—and what can be done when it does.  

Woman Evacuates During California Wildfires...While in Labor

Talk about a dramatic birth story! This woman was in labor when California wildfires forced her to evacuate the hospital.