Pregnancy Month by Month: Preparing for Labor

Your baby is just about ready to make an appearance. Here's what to expect during labor and a boost of encouragement for you to take into the delivery room.


[MUSIC] At this point, your baby is probably feeling downright claustrophobic. Time to get out of there. Bringing a baby into the world is such a beautiful thing. Well, except for all those bodily fluids involved during delivery, not to mention the pain. Just know that your body is so freaking awesome, and you can get through this. Thought you didn't want painkillers, but now you're suddenly having second thoughts? Go ahead, ask for them, no big. Wanted a vaginal birth, but baby's coming via c-section? Do not dwell on what could have been. Just roll with it, and don't be hard on yourself. No matter what, you are having a baby, which is going to change everything in the most amazing ways you can imagine. Congratulations, mama. [MUSIC]

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