Labor & Delivery: What Not to Do

Don't be anxious about delivery day! Here's what not to do in the early stages of labor.


A lot of my patients ask me if they should do anything right before they go to the hospital. And really, as long as your bag is packed, you're kind of ready. You don't have to shave or wax. Some people ask me if they have to have an enema. And you certainly do not have to do that. Sometimes, I advice to just eat something really light because once you get to the hospital, most of the time, you're not supposed to eat anything. You can definitely wait at home until your contractions are at least five minutes apart. So, if they are still very irregular, you should enjoy being at home as long as you can. And you can always call your doctor if you're not sure exactly when to go in. So, overall, don't worry. Your doctors and nurses are gonna take great care of you. They can answer all your questions. So, just relax, breathe. You can do it.

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