Labor & Delivery: Inducing Labor

Even if you're ready to deliver, you doctor might feel differently. Learn when your OB might induce labor and safe ways to help move Baby along.


There are a lot of myths out there, but none of them have actually been shown to really induce labor. Castor oil and spicy food are some of the more common ones. And the thinking is that because they can irritate your bowel, sometimes, they can also irritate your uterus. But the problem is, a lot of times, they just give people diarrhea, and then no contractions, either. Walking has not really been shown to really put people into labor. And sex is another common one, which is totally safe to do during the end of your pregnancy, but also not a sure thing. At some point, your doctor may recommend that you'd be induced. There are many medical reasons to be induced, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. But you may just be past your due date. Usually, induction is recommended somewhere between one to two weeks after your due date. But the chance of you going into labor on your own before that is actually very high. So, don't worry. It won't be that long before the baby comes.

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