Birth Stories: Natural Labor

Sarah had an epidural for her first child, but she decided to give birth naturally by having an unmedicated childbirth the second time. Learn more about her story and how the two experiences compared.


-I was actually standing up and I just felt this urge-- I'd be screaming for the nurse like, Amy, I'm going to push, like I need to push this baby out and literally they were telling me to hold back and don't push because we were waiting for the doctor. I could see the nurse pressing the panic button like that in here. This is my second child. I have a 22-month-old at home. Both kids were delivered in the hospital. This is different. My water didn't break, but I started to get contractions. I would say around 6 o'clock the contractions started coming, a little more intense, now we're timing them. I knew what to expect though at this point, like I knew what serious labor was like. You know, if you can't talk, you can't breathe. So, I stayed home 'til actually midnight. Now the contractions were like 2 minutes apart. When we left for the hospital, pretty intense. The drive is luckily only 30 minutes. Got to the hospital when I was 7 cm. In the hospital, I delivered my son, I feel like they are waiting for me to get the epidural. With Kate, I really want to try natural. I was just more determined. I felt I just wanted to do it. I'm like I think I wanna see what that experience was like. So, the nurse is asking me, like, okay, do you want epidural? What's your plan? I'm like, no, I wanna try this. And they were good. They didn't hook me up to an IV. Sitting in the hospital bed, it's counterintuitive to what your body needs to do, so you kind of just need to get up. For me, like just move, change your position like sit on the rocking chair or stand. Your body, it just takes over, which I did it with an epidural. You don't feel it. You don't know. I remember I'm like I am going to push this baby out and she was born. It took two pushes and she was out. I was in labor for Kate for 10 hours. She was born on October 8th at 3:55 a.m. Basically it was very quick. Intense and crazy, but quick and I-- after having the two experiences, I'll do it any day without an epidural. It was quick.

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