Labor's no picnic! Try these tricks to take your mind off your contractions.

By Lisa Milbrand
March 19, 2014
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Let's face facts: Even with an epidural, those labor contractions can be a real pain. (But it's all so worth it in the end!)

Need some food for thought to help you get through your next contraction? Try pondering these ideas that could distract you from labor for a few minutes.

1. Go to your happy place. Close your eyes and picture yourself in your favorite spot: that amazing beach from your honeymoon, your family's cool cabin in the woods, anywhere that leaves you feeling Zen. Don't focus only on how the place looks; Imagine the sounds, the smells, and even the tastes. The more senses you can engage, the more real it'll be to you.

2. Plan out your postbaby indulgences. You've been so vigilant to protect that baby inside you, but once he or she is out, you'll be freer to indulge in goodies you haven't had for a while. Imagine how good that first sip of champagne, spicy tuna roll, or cold-cut-laden hoagie is going to taste -- and how you can ditch the prenatal vitamins for something less like horse pills.

3. Daydream about what your baby will be like when he's bigger. Newborns are divine, but babies get even more interesting as they get older. Envision watching him take his first steps or digging in the sandbox with your 3-year-old, or even walking hand-in-hand with him into his first day of kindergarten.

4. Pain, pain, go away. Yeah, you're hurting right now, but keep in mind all those other pains your pregnancy has caused -- aching back, swollen feet, tummy troubles. They should all go away pretty quickly once your baby's made her arrival.

5. Make a mental list of all the things you haven't been able to do. Hitting the hot tub, getting your hair colored, slipping into your favorite jeans, riding your favorite roller coaster -- you may have to wait a few months, but put 'em on your to-do list now.

6. Anticipate all the fuss you'll be receiving. Yeah, a beautiful baby is gift enough, but you'll likely be showered with all kinds of sweetness -- visits from your friends and family, homemade meals dropped at your door, flowers, and gifts.

7. Start plotting out your baby's first Halloween costume. How cute will your baby be dressed up as a pumpkin or a cat?

8. Picture rocking your new baby. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in a rocking chair with a brand-new baby sleeping in your arms?

9. Think maternity leave. If you're lucky, you'll have a few months when you can totally focus on you and your baby -- and maybe catch up on your reading too.

10. Imagine that new-baby smell -- the heavenly scent of a new baby's head. How wonderful it will be to be able to sniff that yumminess whenever you want!

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