Labor & Delivery: Homebirth

Considering a homebirth? This video will help you weigh your options and provide guidance on how to prepare.


Here's the thing about homebirth. You've spent your entire pregnancy making sure that everything is right. You haven't taken any risks with this baby. You are eating well, you're sleeping well, you're taking your vitamins, you've taken all the tests that you need to take to make sure nothing's wrong, and it's time for labor and delivery. There is a small chance that things could go wrong. And probably not, but if you are at home, you might not know that some of these things are happening. Sometimes, there is decreased oxygenation to the baby during labor. Sometimes there's unexpected bleeding, and sometimes you may need emergency care. There is also an increased risk of fetal death. If you are set on a homebirth, make sure you have a certified nurse midwife and a plan to get to the hospital quickly in case of an emergency. For something so precious you wanna be as cautious as you can.

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