Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a baby is born via C-section? If so, here's your (extremely) revealing visual.


When you think of a C-section, you probably envision a hurried experience that involves quickly removing the baby from the womb. But not all C-sections look exactly the same. These days, "gentle C-sections" represent another birth option. 

gentle C-section (also known is a natural C-section) is regarded as a patient-centered option, and allows parents to get a taste of natural childbirth experience.

Curious to see what this sort of birth looks like? You're in luck—a mesmerizing clip featuring a baby born via gentle C-section is going viral—and it's giving viewers an amazing look at a baby "popping out" during the delivery. The baby seems to almost deliver himself: The head comes through the incision, and the baby slowly moves through the out into the world. It is, in a word, breathtaking. 

The photo was shared by the Venezuelan birth-centered Instagram account Fertilugo (the doctor behind the account also shared this incredible clip), and not surprisingly, it's going viral. Isn't this clip such an incredible sight to behold?