It's simply incredible!


We've seen our fair share of beautiful birth photos, but this one might be among the most jaw-dropping. It's a picture of a baby emerging from his mother's womb in a C-section birth, and it's an absolutely amazing snapshot of what having a baby looks like for so many mothers (if only you could ever see it from this angle). 

Katie Vigos, RN, is the doula behind Empowered Birth Project, a movement to celebrate new mothers and childbirth. Vigos posted the photo (and the story behind it) on the Empowered Birth Project's Instagram feed, where it has been liked nearly 10,000 times.

She shared the photograph on behalf of Raya (the baby girl pictured in the photo) and her parents. "Our doctor told us 'OK take a picture' I said 'I can't' and they all laughed," the baby's mother told Vigos. "I looked at [my fiancé] and he was in another world so I yelled 'Ryan take a picture!' LOL and these are the results. It was all very surreal. She is such an amazing gift. This is my second #Csection. I hope this photo honors those before me and gives inspiration and strength to those #pregnant or to deliver in the future."

The photo was taken while the baby was halfway out of her mother's belly, the umbilical cord clearly visible. While we've seen so many visuals of vaginal births, we don't often get realistic glimpses at C-sections, and that's part of what makes this particular picture so special.

Raya Pax Steele Angell was born safely on August 18, 2016 and weighed in 8 lbs., 5 oz., according to her mother's Instagram page. 

How amazing is this photo?