This clan is so sweet and happy—you'll love this first family photo they shared.


If you're pregnant, it's totally natural to have a bit of anxiety surrounding delivery day. Having a baby can be painful, stressful, physically taxing and mentally exhausting.

But here's the thing about giving birth: The second it's over, we can pretty guarantee that all you'll feel is the most intense happiness of your life—and that's something you'll probably experience no matter how you give birth.

Need proof? Check out this insanely cute post-C-section photo from a real-life family. We've seen a lot of stunning birth photos, but in this one, even their brand new baby is beaming: The mama in the photo is so obviously thrilled (side note: How does she look so well-rested after giving birth? Serious goals!). The new father is just as happy, and even their little one is grinning through the tears.

The adorable shot was shared on Instagram, and the photo's caption translates to: "And when the baby is so diva that she is born smiling? This Carmel is a star! Congratulations, Mommy"

While professionally shot birth images are always so beautiful, we love the adorably unfiltered nature of this image. Isn't it just such a perfect representation of the total joy and accomplishment a mother feels after she gives birth?

While some people seem to think of C-sections as scary or undesirable, this photo proves that ultimately, it doesn't matter how you welcome your babies—nothing can quite compare to that moment of meeting them.