6 Things Not to Say to a C-Section Mom

Thinking of saying any of these things to a woman who's had a cesarean section? Just… just don't. These women often hear a slew of ignorant and judgy remarks from family, friends, and even strangers. Here are 6 things NOT to say to someone who's had a c-section birth.


[MUSIC] 6 Things Not to Say to a C-Section Mom. "You must be really bummed out that you had a C-section." Many of us feel no shame or regret. And if we do feel upset about it, that kind of remark isn't helpful. "Yikes! C-section? I hope your baby turns out ok." So you think that C-sections can cause asthma, allergies, and autism? Sorry, the evidence simply isn't there. "It's a shame you couldn't go the natural route." Not every mom wants the same kind of birth ¿ so let's not assign judgment. "That sounds gruesome!" No need to make it sound like a freakish experience. Delivering a baby is pretty intense stuff, no matter the exit strategy! "Now you're scarred forever." Most C-section scars are covered by any reasonable bikini. And anyhow, the scars are worth it. "So, were you too posh to push?" In a word: No. (And if we were? None of your business!) Parents FamilyFun parenting fitPregnancy and baby. 

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