C-Section, Part Two

A real-life couple shares the story of their fourth child's birth.


-The anesthesiologist was there and he immediately administered the spinal. It didn't hurt for me. It was just like a little pinch and then just like a little burn and then immediately they want you to lay down because you start to numb almost instantly. -They walked in. They had a seat waiting for me. I sat down. Her arms were there. I held her hands. And I said, you know, "Are you ready for this?" And obviously, we're ready for it. At one point maybe for about a minute, she got a little anxious and I just said, "Relax." I mean, everything is gonna be fine. She took a deep breath and she was fine after that. The whole situation is a little surreal. It's like, "Oh my goodness, we're having another child now." You hear the doctors talking. You hear a little planking going on, but they sort of just concentrated on Anne Marie, making sure she's okay even though I do hear what's going on in the background. When Dr. Flores called out, you know, you had a little John, a baby boy, I mean it was just whether it's a boy or girl, it didn't matter. Just that it was healthy and it was-- the baby just came into this world. It was just unbelievable and amazingly beautiful. It was really a great feeling for us knowing that the baby was healthy and that I delivered by third boy. It was nice to hear him crying so and then I heard them, you know, saying they're gonna come and bring the baby over. And unfortunately for me, it's like a split second. So, you don't really get to see the baby 'cause you're kind of like laying down and you're looking to the side, but you're seeing. I mean, it was just good to know that my husband was there and that I knew that the baby would be in good hands because they kind of swept him away and my husband knows to follow the baby at all times. -The name? Noah John. Noah.

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