C-Section, Part Three

A real-life couple shares the story of their fourth child's birth.


-[unk]. Once the baby comes out, it's my duty as the father to follow that baby. No crying. I see you trying to open those eyes. I had to follow the baby from the operating room to the nursery. It's important. And we walked down the hallways and you have some time to think and that was just staring at him the whole way, just feeling amazing amounts of love and you just can't express the feelings of joy that the new child brings. Everything is going through your head at the point where you're walking the baby down. You're just making sure he's okay. I'm concerned about my wife. I'm worried about or concerned about my other children at home and when are they-- you know, when can they get here and see. Your mind just goes in a thousand different directions, but it's all good. It's all good thoughts. -So, 8 pounds 6 ounces. -Yeah, [unk] -That's a pretty good weight. Once the baby is on the nursery and it's settled, that gives it like enough time for me to finish with Ana Maria and finish her cesarean delivery and bring her into the recovery room. -So, how are you feeling? Any dizziness? -No, no. -Let me know if you feel nauseous. -No. I'm okay. -So, once they figure out that the baby has managed his temperatures, that the baby's blood sugar levels are adequate because, now, he's on his own and that he's settled, they usually bundle him up, put him in his little crib, wheel him over to mom. -Now, I'm just anxious to see him again. Anxious to hold him, you know, be able to hold him. -Oh, he's doing so good. -[unk] Say, hi mom. -How are you handsome? Oh, no. -This is part of why we're here. It's what we like to do everyday and it's a special moment that it really doesn't repeat and being part of it is very special. -Can I give you a kiss? -So what do you think? -Now, it's 11:30, 12 o'clock. Now, the children come in and when they saw him, I mean just-- you could see the love in their eyes as well and it's just-- the feeling of family love, it's again priceless. -Yeah. -What I definitely would want for Noah is that he lives a full and happy life and that my husband and I will be able to be with him and see that come to fruition for him. -[unk]

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