C-Section, Part One

A real-life couple shares the story of their fourth child's birth.


-I'm Anna Rancorch. My husband, Scott, and I had our 4th child at Morristown Memorial on August 20th of 2009. I've had 2 prior c-sections and 1 de back and, with my 4th child, I was told by my doctors that I would definitely need to have a scheduled C-section because of complications. -When we got to the hospital that day, we pretty much knew what we were in store for. So, we're pretty relaxed and, again, this was our 3rd C-section that we're going through together. So, we're pretty calm about the whole situation. -I met Dr. Flores with my cousin. She had recommended her. She goes to her and she really liked her. And then, when me and my husband met her, we thought that she is a great doctor. And so, we decided that she would be the doctor to deliver our baby. -Those maternal indications and [unk] indications for a cesarean delivery. In her case, she had maternal indications on having 2 previous cesarean sections. She was pretty much aware because of the history of having 2 previous cesarean deliveries that this was gonna be another cesarean delivery. -My wife wasn't having the labor pains as we had with the other 3 children. -So, that was the only thing that was really unusual for my husband and I walking in, for me, not being in any kind of pain and just knowing that, within a few hours, that my child was gonna be born. When the anesthesiologist came in, you know, that was probably the one thing that I was maybe concerned about. Well, that was the first time I have gotten a spinal and I didn't know if it was different from the epidural. He was joking around and making me feel very comfortable as well as everybody. And all the nurses and the doctors were very nice- were all very nice. Having my husband with me was really relaxing for me because of the fact that he kind of puts me at ease and, you know, knows how to relax me if I get anxious.

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